Sunday, July 27, 2008

Many Activities!

It's been a while since I have posted, but we have had so much going on this past week or so. I owe emails and phone calls to my friends....please forgive me I will get on it this next week!!

My Nana arrived two weeks ago. We are having a great time, the kids love her, and I am sure are not going to want her to leave. We also had the pleasure of seeing Jerry Demmert this last week, he stayed with us for 4 days, went to a concert with my parents and went to a kids show with us the next day.

For those of you with young children, I'm sure you are all familiar with The Backyardigans. My kids all love them, so we took the opportunity to go to a live show they were performing in much fun!

I have also been trying to provide some structure for the kids every day. Things were getting a little chaotic, so I decided to do a project with them every morning whether it be some kind of "school work" or a craft, painting, playdoh. It has been really fun and brought alot more order to the place.

We are heading up to Tennessee the week after next. We have rented a house which I will post about later.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our recent fun!

Decorated pretzels!

Painting Bugs

Evan "painted" himself with Nail Polish the other day while Mommy was out shopping and Grandpa was "supervising"!

Jaden's new friend "Lenny Lizard"

The Backyardigans!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Disney World

I know this is old news but I wanted to dedicate a post to our Disney World trip! We actually drove up to Orlando the day before going and spent the night so everyone would be fresh for our long day.

We spent the afternoon before at Chuck E Cheese. The kids had a blast. I am a little bit of a germaphobe so it was very hard for me not to go and wipe everything down with Clorox before allowing the kids to get on it! Think about pizza, pop, icecream, lots of kids, sticky fingers and kids rides....yuck!

The kids enjoyed their time there very much.

The evening we spent at the hotel was fun too. The pool was great, the kids are almost swimming, even Evan who is fearless in the water...scary!

So on to Disney! Well, I have to preface this by saying that we did have a good day but if you have kids under 5 DON'T DO IT!!!! Or if you do decide to go for it, spread it out over 3 days, stay at the resort and go either in January or February. It was so hot and muggy, and the crowds were ridiculous. The kids actually did very well, although there were a couple of melt down moments, and not just on the kids part! Towards the end of the day it rained and freshened things up a little. My advice is, if you are going to spend the money to go make sure you can enjoy the day by making it as stressless as possible.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"Operation Frog"

Toward the end of Jasen's time here, my Dad asked him to do a little project that he couldn't bring himself to do. For those that know my Dad well know that he has two phobias, one is birds, the other is frogs!

Some time ago my parents noticed that frogs had taken up residency in the outside lights on the front porch. Now they are just small frogs, but frogs all the same. The day before Jasen left my Dad asked him to go out and clean the dead frogs out of the lights. No problem for my farm boy husband who isn't grossed out by much. So Jasen went outside with all the kids in tow, unscrewed the cap and to his surprise a live frog jumped out. Of course the kids were thrilled, especially Jaden who has informed us he is to be the next Crocodile Hunter! There was a little drama, when two jumped out, one landing on Leah's foot, the other on Evan's arm!

All together he took 10 frogs out of the light, there were 11 but one got away! It was quite the mission, but my frog hunters did a great job.

Searching for the missing frog!


Mission Complete

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Well, we had more birthday celebrations today. The twins turned 3!! The Nason family came over from Vero Beach and we had a combined birthday party for Jaden, Leah & Evan. It was so much fun to visit with friends and see the kids have other children to play with, we had such a good time.Party PrepGood Friends
The boys
The whole gang!
Evan playing with his loot
Enjoying cupcakes!
Leah opening her gifts
Girls chattingMore girls chatting!!
Evan with his giftsCooling off"Happy Birthday!"Deep discussionCupcakes rule!!Mmmmmm!Thankful for good fellowship and foodThe Feast!Fun in the water

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Happy Birthday to our sweet boy Jaden! I can not believe he is 7 today :) We have had a fun week, and will post pics tomorrow.

We spent Jadens birthday at the beach in Naples, Florida. We went out for lunch, played at the beach, then came home and opened presents. Normally we throw a big 4th of July /birthday party every year, so this year is a little different. We miss everyone that would normally join us and wish you could be here to help us celebrate.

Jaden had a great birthday, in fact we have had a week of activity which will go on another post!