Friday, September 10, 2010

Busy Times

Things are hopping along here in Southwest Florida! I think I just need to stop saying that we are busy and just accept it as regular life!! The second week of August we had Vacation Bible School at Naples Alliance Church. It was the first for a number of years, so needless to say we weren't quite sure what to expect. Our prayers were answered however, and I'm pleased to tell you that we had over forty kids through the doors throughout the week, at least 25 each night. Our congregation is very small and so it was alot of work for everyone, but a blessing to see everyone pitching in to make a great time for the kids. Those of you who are interested you can see a short video my mom put together of the week here

We have been blessed with lots of company over the past few months, and this past month has been no exception. Becky English headed down here the last week of August and then Tim Lindseth showed up the following week! It is so nice to see family from "home", makes being away a little easier!

Homeschool has started back up again! Yes, I'm doing it again. This year though we decided to get the kids involved in some things outside of home! Jaden decided on soccer and Adam chose Tennis. I stole the picture of Jaden from Becky (thanks Beck) as I can't find my pictures anywhere!! The twins have yet to decide what they want to do yet, Leah says karate or gymnastics and Evan concurs, big decisions for little people!!
One exciting thing that has happened recently is that I have been invited to participate in the local FOX channels morning show The Morning Blend! This week, I took the kids with me and we did a segment together. The whole time is not online, but the main segment is here! And a second part here
Here are some pictures of our time.