Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Festivities!

We have had a great couple of days with friends and family. The week started off with a late birthday party for my Mom. We invited our friends Dave and Marylin Payne to join us, it was a fun time. Happy Birthday to You!

Becky & Tim arrived here late Wednesday night. It is so nice to have them here. We have been catching up over tea and having a great time.

After a relaxed Thanksgiving morning we headed down to Dave and Jenns for dinner. It was so nice to visit with Josh and Kendrie, they are such a sweet couple.

Half of the group

Turkey Cupcakes

The aftermath of the Turkey Cupcake

Little mother trying to clean up

A bath was definitely in order!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving & Christmas

Things are good here in Tennessee. We are still looking at houses, haven't found "the one" yet, but we will continue looking until we do!

The weather has turned cold, but it is mostly crisp and sunny, very beautiful. Jasen's job in going well, although he is quickly learning that he is not going to be the most popular person in Portland. Another aspect he is going to have to learn is dealing with the small town politics, I will leave it at that!

We are looking forward to both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love this time of year, and look forward to visits with friends and family. Our friends Becky English and Tim Lindseth are coming to stay with us for a few days. Josh and Kendrie Mutart are going to be staying with David and Jenn and will also join us for Thanksgiving day. My parents are travelling up from Florida today and will stay until next weekend. This time of year always brings wonderful memories of times shared with friends in Ketchikan, we will miss you guys!! Ken, Bonnie, Jeremy, Kristi, Shawn, Tim & Kay, there is still time to buy tickets :)

One thing I wanted to mention was my Dads newly designed website. Thanks to Rob Nason it is now up and running and looks really great, what a talent he is! Check it out, you can download sermons, look at Mexico news, read his weekly devotions, along with many other things. It is very nice.

I guess that is it from this part of the country. We wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adventures In House Hunting

Well, as most of you know we have been down here now for almost 3 months, and during that time we have been on a quest to find the "perfect home". To some that may seem like it would be an easy task. With the economy in trouble and the failing housing market, you would think that there would be an abundance of homes for us to choose from, well.......... Let me share with you our criteria! 1. Big - The house has to be big enough to accomodate a man who has more tools than Home Depot, 4 kids with more toys combined than ToysRus, a dog, and a woman who wants a house big enough that I can hide and not be found for at least 10 minutes. 2. Nice - The fixing up thing just does not do anything for me right now. 3. Has to have property attached - For the farm boy I am married too! 4. Within 10 minutes from Jasen's work - So he can come home for lunch, and help keep my sanity intact.

So I would say our realtor has had a pretty tall order, but she has done an amazing job. We found one place that we loved, offered, and it fell through. We found another place, we didn't love so much, offered on it anyway, and it fell through. We were starting to feel a little discouraged, when we came upon what seemed to be our "dream house". Online it looked like a picture, so we decided to drive by and check it out. Well, as we drove up our excitement grew as we saw one of the most beautiful pieces of property, big brick house, pasture, huge pond/lake, woods...perfect. I quickly made a call to our realtor who arranged for us to see it the following day. First impressions were "this is it!" We loved it. Yes, it is a little older, and outdated inside, but worth investing in because the property is so pretty. To cut a long story short, we made an offer contingent upon Jasen's "fine tooth comb" inspection of the property. So, today we went over to do our inspection. It was a typical Ketchikan day, blowing, raining, cold....made me homesick!
Our realtor greeted us and as we began to chat, Jasen took off to check things out, the attic being his first stop. After about 15 minutes, Jasen came back smiling (which normally is a good sign) however, he had found some scary wiring and some wet sheetrock from a leaky roof. "Well," I said "how bad is it?" "The whole roof needs to be reshingled" Jasen replied, "but that's not all I found" "Really?" I said "what else?" "Uuuh... half a dozen shed snake skins...." Those that know me can imagine my response, so I won't go into detail. The skins were about 3 to 4 feet long...SO GROSS!!!!! Jaden thought they were very cool, obviously, but they were taller than he was. Upon further inspection Jasen found more in the crawl space. Thankfully the snakes here are in hibernation so we didn't see any live action. So now our dream house is back on the market and waiting for it's new owner, which is not going to be least they won't have rodent problems, and they'll never be lonely either!!!

A "Chicken Snake" harmless but disgusting!

So all that to say, we have looked everywhere for the right place, and still haven't quite found it. We are continuing to trust that God will provide. He knows the house that is for us, and I'm sureit will come up in His time. All the looking sure has created some fun memories though!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fall Fun

Our First Real Fall!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sun & Sand

Life has been a little crazy over the last few weeks. With house hunting, job hunting and home school, we have had little time for much else.

We are very blessed to report that Jasen is now the new Building Inspector for the City of Portland (TN not OR!). He will start his new job next Monday. He is excited to get a little more experience under his belt, and is up for the new challenge.

On the house front. We did put an offer in on a home here, but it fell through, so now we are on the look out for something else. There are a few possibilities out there so we are praying for the right one to show itself!!

So today we decided to take a day off from everything and head to a park that we have noticed before but never been too. It was so much fun, the best part was that we hd the whole thing to ourselves. It was a beautiful day, so the kids had chance to swim in the beach area there.