Friday, September 22, 2006

Little Monkey

Evan is going to be lethal when he gets older.......... he is trouble, but gets away with it because he is so cute and charming!! Watch out ladies........ His new thing is climbing, man this kid can climb!! I walked into the living room the other day and he was standing on the top of the BACK of the boys little recliner, I would have taken a picture but I was a little surprised, plus I didn't want him breaking his neck as I took pictures!

We are going to have to work on his approach with the ladies too, I think he is a bit too forward :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Happiness Is.........

.......laying in the sun with a sprinkled caramel apple, and not a care in the world!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fish Trivia

So.......for all you avid fisherman & women out there, I have a quiz..........Do you know what kind of fish these are?

Jasen & Jeremy were gone all day Salmon fishing and they only caught 2 Coho. Now, Jasen took the boys to do some REAL fishing off the dock tonight for one hour, and they caught 6 of these mystery fish! Nobody at the dock knew what they were, Becky's guess was Dolly Varden, Jasen also thought some kind of trout.

So, let's hear it!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Life & Cute Pics!!

Well, we have had a not so great week!! A couple of days after our wonderful trip to Seattle, our family was stricken!!! Jaden got sick, then Leah, then Adam, then Mommy, Daddy, and last but not least little Evan. When you have four runny nosed miserable children, one of whom is throwing up, and two sleep deprived parents it's kinda hard to find time to Blog :)

But I believe we are all on the mend, and in a couple of days, life will be
good again in the Wickert house :) I thought I would post some recent
pictures of the kids, the one with David is courtesy of Becky English!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Great Weekend

Well, we came home today after our weekend away in Seattle. We had so much fun, it was great to be foot loose and fancy free :) We went out to eat, stayed up late, slept in late, went to a movie, you know, all those things you do BEFORE children enter the picture.

Our visit with Becky & Stewart was great, and our time with Paul & Wanda was encouraging as always. The concert was great, very entertaining!! Our seats were decent, we were alot closer than it looks in the picture, but a few rows closer to the front would have been nice.

So, now it's back to reality, dirty diapers, cooking dinner, soothing crying kids, and priceless moments like Adam saying "Mommy, I missed you so much, I'm glad you are home.....Daddy too!" I wouldn't trade it for anything.