Sunday, May 27, 2007

What a Week!!

Last week was full of fun and celebration!! Firstly we celebrated the birth of little Abigail Faith, she was born on Tuesday night, we are all thrilled and in love with this sweet baby girl.
Secondly, we celebrated Jasens's 36th birthday last night. We had a great time and were really blessed to have the Maloneys with us too.

Then last but not least Jaden learned to ride his bike today without training wheels!!! He is SO proud of himself, and rightly so. Time goes by very fast, it has been almost 6years since he was Abigails size...... my babies are growing up FAST!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Future Olympian

We definitely have a future Olympian in our family. Jaden took part in Clover Pass School's field day this morning, and we were very proud of his effort and achievements!! He got some serious air on the long jump, and his form wasn't bad either........

To see how far he has come over the last year has been amazing. Most of the credit for his increased self confidence goes to Mrs. Baum, who has been an excellent teacher and has consistently pushed him out of his comfort zone in a very loving way. We had a lot of fun cheering everyone on.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nice Surprise

I'm not usually a strong supporter of"dumpster diving" but when I drove up our driveway today and found Jasen hosing down this fun little house, I had to give him kudos!! He was driving down Strawberry Rd this morning and saw it sitting in the ditch. He pulled over and asked the lady at the nearest house if he could have it and she said "sure" . It belonged to her 6yr old twins, and as most of you know, if you live in Ketchikan and no longer want something it is common practice to dump it somewhere!! It was a great treasure to find, it cleaned up really well, and the kids love it :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Little Visitor

Jasen went down into the garage earlier today and was met by a little hummingbird that had somehow got itself trapped. He opened up both doors, but the poor little thing just kept smashing into the windows. As the bird stopped to take a breather Jasen went over and gently picked it up. I have never seen a hummingbird up close like that, they are so tiny and delicate. Thankfully once it regained it's composure Jasen set it down and he flew away unharmed.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

More Florida

It's been a while since my last post. we have been battling a stomach virus that went through the family right after we got back from our trip. Amazingly it didn't touch me. Everyone is pretty much back to normal, so I have time to post a few more pics, hopefully you aren't bored with them :)

The day after we arrived we took the kids for "A Day Out With Thomas", it was held in a park about 2 hours drive away, although the train ride itself was a little lame they had lots of other fun activites for the kids to do.

Other than that day out we stayed pretty close to home. My Mom & I took one day, left all of the kids with Dad & Grandpa and shopped until we dropped, Jasen was able to golf one day, and we also spent a morning at the beach.

Jasen & I worked for our supper one day, when we took apart the hot tub at the house. Because Jasen has had a recent problem with a trapped nerve I got to do the demo!! Swinging that sledge felt good, although I paid for it the day after. Jaden enjoyed playing with the frogs we found living underneath!

All in all it was such a great trip,very relaxing and exactly what we needed after a long two months without my parents around.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Florida Vacation

We made it back from our sunny time in Florida. We had a great time. It was very relaxing, we only wished we could have stayed longer. Jaden & Adam are still there and will fly home with my parents on Friday. It is very strange only having 2 kids at home, it's been nice, but I'm getting a little bored! I will be glad to have them back :) Here are a few pics, I will post more later when I have chance.