Saturday, August 30, 2008

Leaving Ketchikan

Ok, so I decided to go back in time a little, to just before we left Ketchikan. My USB cable is missing so I can't download recent pictures right now, and life was so busy before we left I never had chance to highlight some of the things that happened in the couple of weeks prior to our departure. Enjoy!Mrs. Vincent who kept me sane by taking the twins twice a week!!
Micah - Our favorite!
Here we go!
Off to Tennessee
Our Thanksgiving family

Farewell Potluck

More Potluck
"Trouble" - Best Friends

The breakfast ladies!
Evan, so tired he fell asleep standing up!!
One last time fishing off the dock with daddy
One last "anniversary dinner" at Salmon Falls
Last play with our good friends Elizabeth & Rachel
Last Sunday Dinner
A brief but fun visit with Sharon
Preschool graduation
Kindergarten Graduation
Good Friends

We love you and miss you Ketchikan family!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Finally after two weeks without internet we are back online!! It feels like I have been on another planbet not having access to news, email etc. We rely in this stuff way too much!! Anyway, we are in Tennessee, getting settled. I have lots to share, along with many pictures, which I will get posted here in the next day or so. Meanwhile I have lots of emails to reply to, and business that needs my attention :)