Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daddy's Home!!

After a long 3 months, we were finally reunited as a family when Jasen arrived last Saturday morning. He left Seattle on Tuesday afternoon in a 26ft Penske moving truck, with his Dad following in our pickup. They arrived mid morning on Saturday very tired, but very excited to be here. The kids had been working on a sign all week for school craft that they were very excited to display. We were able to get the truck unloaded on Saturday and Sunday.
It was like Christmas for the kids who were so happy to see all of their toys. I had planned on keeping most of them packed away until we moved into a permanent home, but that went out the window very quickly!
So, life is a little more normal. I am so happy to have my husband back, and feel like I am no longer "in charge". I am enjoying being able to say "ask Daddy", and I am loving the cups of tea in bed in the mornings!!!

We now have to find a house, and Jasen is on the lookout for a job that will keep him busy until we decide what to do on a more permenant basis.

Another fun reunion was that of Macy and Sydney. They have both been starved of friends over the last couple of months, so here is some video of them saying "Hi" again!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun At The Fair

County Fairs are a big deal down here. From what I have heard there is quite alot of rivalry between different counties to see which can be the best, the cleanest, and the most well attended. I didn't realize all of this when we decided to go to the Wilson County Fair the first week we were here. My brother and I both commented on how clean the restrooms were, which you don't normally expect at events of this kind! I later found out after talking to my friend Shana (yes I have a friend here now :)) that Wilson County Fair has won the prize for the best fair for many years!! I guess we picked the right one to go to.
Anyway, it was alot of fun. The kids had a blast, riding the ponies, petting the different animals and climbing on the tractors. The only thing that made me a little sad was when we were in the goat pen and Evan said "look at all the deer Mommy!!!" poor sheltered little Alaskan boy :) David was a little disappointed that we weren't going to be around for the Hog Race, but I'm not quite that red neck!!!

We had a very quiet drive home. They were worn out!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tennessee Pictures.....Finally!

So here are finally some pictures of our time here so far in Tennessee. We are currently renting a house in Portland, which is about 10 miles from the Kentucky border. We are way out in the sticks...too far out for me, but it is perfect for us right now. The kids have lots of room to run and play, which is what is important right now. Once Jasen is here, we will start looking for a house to buy that is a little closer to Nashville. Enjoy!!

These top three pictures are of our drive up from Florida to Tennessee. Twelve hours in a car with four young children is not for the faint hearted, but with ice cream and a DVD player anything is possible

Our House

The front yard

The Back Yard

They discovered the closet!

Happy kids!

The best thing about being here is to be close to Dave, Jenn & Abby!!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

On The Homestretch!!

Well, we are within a week of Jasen arriving here in Tennessee!! He will be flying to Seattle on Monday, picking up our belongings in Seattle, and then driving across the country with his Dad.

Jasen has worked really hard over the last couple of months building a workshop, and finishing up some details on our house, before handing it over to the new owners! Below is an ariel shot :)He is almost done, but will be working until he leaves. He had an unexpected trip to the ER the other night after he fell out of our moving container gashing his head open on the way down. He ended up with about 5 staples in is head and a headache, but then proceeded to stay up all night so he could finish packing the container!! Yes, I am married to a mad man. Thanks Scott, Greg and Chris for helping with some of the packing.

It has been two months since we have been together. In some way it has gone by relativly fast, in others ways not!! We have had a few rough moments, but considering the situation, overall the kids have done really well.

I have started homeschooling the boys. The decision to homeschool was made because we are only here in Portland for 3 months, we didn't want to enroll them and then have to switch to somewhere else. With all of the other change that has taken place it didn't seem fair. So I am homeschooling until we buy a house and know where we are going to be permanently. We will likely enroll then for the spring term after Christmas.

Once Jasen arrives we will hit the ground running looking for a house. Our lease here is up November 1st and we would prefer not to extend it, but I'm sure we could if we needed to.

Well, that's the update for now. Sorry I can't post pictures yet. I have to wait for Jasen to bring the other cord for my camera!!!