Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back yet again!

Yes, I know, I am yet again behind on my blog! I have no excuse, other than that our life has been a little busy lately. Well, actually our life has been a lot bust lately. Anyway, here I am again having no intention of giving up on my blog with some news of our recent activities!

Since my last post, Evan has also learned to ride his bike, we put an offer in on a house which we are thankfully closing on next week, we organized an Easter outreach into our neighborhood, took a trip to Virginia, welcomed Jasen's mom for his 40th birthday week, celebrated 14 years of marriage, continued to slog through school, supported Jaden and his soccer team, bought a new car, took a trip to Miami to visit with dear friends from Alaska, enjoyed a church work day, put together a devotional series for my sister-in-law to share with her ladies coffee group in VA, amongst other odds and ends! So, as you can see we have not been sitting idle! I will share more details over the next few weeks in regards to the house etc, and what lies ahead for us in the next few months. For now, I will share a few pics for you to enjoy!
SURPRISE!! Happy Birthday Jasen :)